Downtown Venture Fund
Fact Sheet

Loans targeted to new and existing businesses that add to the business growth in Lowell’s downtown.  Restaurants, art galleries, entertainment and retail businesses are examples of targeted businesses.

Eligibility Criteria/Guidelines

Any existing venture or new venture that proposes to add value to the retail and restaurant climate of Downtown Lowell and meets the following target characteristics will be considered for funding: 
Targeted Retail and Restaurant Concepts:

  • Restaurants (not including fast-food, take-out type establishments);
  • Specialty food, shoe and apparel stores;
  • Art galleries;
  • Antique shops;
  • Coffeehouse offering entertainment
  • Specialty bed, bath and kitchen accessory shops;
  • Office supplies;
  • Luxury personal care service establishments;

Target Area
Funds will be focused to assist ventures seeking to locate, or are already located in the core of Downtown Lowell.

Funds can be used for design work, construction, equipment purchase, inventory, and working capital.  Funds cannot be used to refinance existing debt or obligations;

The maximum amount is $100,000

Loan Terms/Rate
Term will be based on size of loan; however, no payments are due in year one, interest at an annual rate of 6% is accrued and deferred to the second year; 


All commitments are subject to the availability of funds


Diane Tradd or Allison Lamey – Division of Planning & Development
T:  978-446-7200 X1401
Jim Cook, Executive Director-LDFC –
Germaine Vigeant-Trudel, Assistant Director-LDFC –
T:  978-459-9899