Some things just go together because they make a perfect combination.  With over 75 years of aggregate work in Lowell, The LDFC and the Lowell Plan over time have merged in the community mind, which is a credit to the board of directors of both organizations who over time have stayed true to the goals and objectives of each.  This is a case where the sum is greater than the parts.  Together, they have an impressive story to tell.  More importantly, the story continues to unfold and points to promising new chapters.

Partnerships link Lowell’s past successes to its current promise.  The fundamental contribution of the Lowell Plan through the years has been to provide an opportunity for community leaders to gather and identify challenges, agree on objectives, and devise strategies to accomplish goals related to economic development.  Many of Lowell’s most significant achievements of the past few decades began with community conversations about downtown development, education, housing, tourism and entertainment, transportation, and more.

One constant in the LDFC’s history is its ability to form partnerships to achieve goals that benefit the community.  The City of Lowell, Lowell Housing Authority, Lowell National Historical Park, Merrimack Valley Housing Partnership and many other agencies have contributed to this truly unique collaboration.  From the initial concept of providing incentive financing for downtown building restoration to the support for the River’s Edge on the Concord housing development and to the current initiative to provide financing to startup businesses working in UMass Lowell’s Innovation Hub, our mission has remained true:  to improve the quality of life in Lowell.  

For its part the LDFC will continue to seek out partners and launch initiatives that will strengthen Lowell’s reputation as the premier mid-sized city in the country.